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Tournament Rules

2024 Football Rule Adjustments
1. Referee Communication Protocol
Section 1: Player Interaction with Referees
- Player Restriction: Only designated team captains may address game officials.
- Communication Prohibition: All other players are prohibited from direct communication with referees.
Section 2: Penalty for Violation
- First Offense: Non-captain players addressing a referee:
- Offense: 10-yard penalty and loss of down (offensive players).
- Defense: 10-yard penalty and repeat of down (defensive players).
- Individual Basis: Assessed individually; multiple players for a team can be penalized.
- Second Offense: Any player committing a second violation will be disqualified from the game.
Section 3: Event Disqualification & Enforcement
- Discretionary Ban: Depending on severity, officials may ban a player from the event after a second offense.
- Team Disqualification: Possible if a team fails to comply.
- Responsibility: Officials enforce the rule, and teams ensure their captains understand and follow it.
- Objective: Maintain sportsmanship, improve game management, and discourage direct player-referee interactions.
2. Flag Guarding Expanded
- Definition: Runners lowering shoulder below natural football/running motion.
- Penalty: 5-yard penalty from the spot of the infraction.
Personal Conduct Policies
- Fighting: Results in ejection from the tournament; lifetime ban possible.
- Contact Responsibility: Players avoid purposeful contact; three-strike rule for excessive contact. 10 yard penalty can be
assessed for each instance.
- Language: Foul language not permitted; penalties and ejection for repeated offenses.
- Substance Policy: Alcohol and drugs prohibited; ejection without refund.
- QB Tee Contact: Purposeful contact by a defensive player will result in ejection from the game.

Basic Structure
- Team Size: Maximum 16 players, 7 on 7 football; minimum 6 to play.
- Tournament Formats:

Classic Tournament: Double elimination; games continue consecutively until a champion is decided.

Pools Tournament: Pool play to decide bracket placement, the bracket play with single or double elimination depending on placement

- Player Eligibility: Must be 16 years old, cannot be part of another roster.
- Equipment: Teams provide regulation size game ball and matching jerseys.
- Gameplay: Passing league only; no hand-offs, kickoffs, or punts.

Game Clock Structure & Opening Possessions
- Halves: Two 15-minute halves with continuous clock.
- Timeouts: 2 one-minute timeouts per half; 5-minute halftime; 30-second play clock.
- Clock Stoppage: Inside the last minute of the second half for close games.
- Opening Possession: Determined by "Rock-Paper-Scissors."

Scoring & First Downs
- Touchdown: 6 points; point after attempt worth 2 points.
- Two-Point Conversion: Defense can score 2 points on interception during conversion try.
- First Down: Achieved by crossing mid-field line.
- Change of Possession: Referees ensure both teams are ready within 5 seconds.
Flag Rules
- Flag Wear: Each player must wear a flag belt with 2 flags.
- Penalties: 10-yard penalty for offensive player not wearing flags; flags worn by each team can be different.
- Down Definition: One knee/elbow/wrist touching the ground.
- Flag Removal: Ball carrier down when flag is cleanly removed.
- Catch Without Flags: Catch with less than 2 flags results in player declared down; 10-yard penalty if defender pulls flag
before a catch.
Offensive Use of Hands, Holding, Pass Interference, & Blocking
- Ball Carriers: No protection by stiff-arm, slapping, or lowering shoulder outside natural running motion.
- Flag Guarding: Immediate stoppage, 5-yard penalty against offensive team.
- Blocking: No extension of arms or legs beyond body frame
- Pass Interference: Defensive pass interference is a 10 penalty and repeat of down (no automatic first down). Offensive
pass interference is a 10-yard penalty and loss of down.
- Holding Resulting in No Advance: 5-yard penalty and repeat of down. Holding with Offense advancing the ball will add 5 yards to end of the play.
QB Tees, Count, & Blitzing
- 4.5-Second Count: Referee or automated QB Tee; no blitzing allowed.
- Line of Scrimmage: Front leg of the QB tripod; purposeful contact with QB tee results in ejection.
- Defender Distraction: Defender distracting QB near LOS considered Defensive Offsides with a 5-yard penalty assessed.
- College Overtime Rules: Teams guaranteed 1 possession each.
- Rock-Paper-Scissors: Determines possession; ball placed at mid-field.
- Possession Order: Teams reverse possession until one fails to match opponent's score.
- Applies to Pool Play Championship Games: If tournament format includes Pool Play Championship.

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