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Teams earn points for performance and are then ranked against all others to determine true standings throughout the year. 

Here’s how it works…

Win (Winners side of the bracket) = 2 points

Win (Losers side of bracket) = 1 point

Loss = 0 points 


Semi Final Victory = 3 points

Championship Game Victory = 5 points 

These points can be earned in Opens, Next Wave, and Elite 8 Tournaments throughout the year.


Tournament Types

All tournaments are double elimination


  • Open invite to all teams of all skill levels

  • Field sizes will vary based on location and number of teams registered

  • Format will be either Pool Play or Open Bracket

  • Wins and losses are factored in to annual Power Rankings 

  • Matchups vary round to round based on placement in the winners/losers part of the bracket

  • Will happen 2-4 times per year

Next Wave:

  • Invitational tournament for up to 16 teams. Number of teams can vary by event. 

  • Eligibility is determined based on Power Ranking and/or recent tournament performance

  • Purpose of these tournaments is to determine new entrants for the Elite 8 and also determine the appropriate level of competition for each team

  • Excludes any current Elite 8 participants (teams and individual players)

  • Players from Elite 8 teams are not allowed to join the teams eligible for this event. Any players in violation of this rule will be removed from the event without refund.

  • The two top finishers from this tournament will be eligible to participate in the next Elite 8 tournament

  • Will target to have 2-3 of these per year

Elite 8:

  • Invitational tournament for Top 8 teams

  • Eligibility is determined based on Power Rankings and/or recent tournament performance

  • Purpose of these tournaments is to determine who the best team is in Missouri

  • Invitation list will start with 8 teams and include a short list of alternate teams. Should a team from the first 8 not be able to attend their slot will be given to the first team on the alternate list. This continues for each team unable to attend. 

  • Bottom two performers will be removed from the Elite 8 list and placed in the Next Wave tier  

  • Will target to have only 2 of these per year


  • Lower performers in Open or Next Wave tournaments will be designated as Recreational

  • Purpose of these events is to help teams develop by playing against similar skill levels 

  • Wins and losses will be reflected in annual Power Rankings 

  • Will aim to have 1-2 of these events per year

Tournament Formats

Pool Play:

  • Teams will be divided into two pools (Ex. East & West)

  • Teams will have bracket play but only against teams in their pool. Double elimination is still in effect.

  • The winners of each pool will play against each other as the final game of the tournament to determine an overall tournament champion 

  • Semi Final Elimination - If a teams’ first loss is in the semi final (Ex. East Pool Championship Game) then an immediate overtime period will be played to assign a 2nd loss to one team.

    • The overtime is similar to the college football format with each team getting at least one possession starting from mid-field

    • Four downs to score (no first downs)

    • Teams will change order of possession if they remain tied after initial possessions

    • Will play until one team outscores the other

Open Bracket:

  • All teams are in a single, open bracket 

  • Championship game will be played by the winner of the winners side of the bracket vs the winner out of the losers side of the bracket

Field Types

Small: 47 yards long / 24 yards wide / Endzones 5 yards 

Mid-Size: 60-65 yards long / 28 yards wide / Endzones 6-7 yards

Full Size: 80 yards long / 40 yards wide / Endzones 10 yards

About Rankings / Tournaments: FAQ
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